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Hi I’m Janelle Crawford, mentor for badass babes desiring to honour their soul’s whispers, become confident, clear and brave in their direction and commit to the sacred practice of radical self-care. 

You’re here because you know the time has come for you to do life + biz your way, the soul way. What you now seek is a guiding hand to help you take your soul’s wildest desires from a mere dream to real-life experience in a sustainable feminine way.
I can help you with that…
Morgan Rigby - Good Start Granola

“At first I was extremely hesitant to open up to someone about my insecurities and share with someone my tangled mess of negative self-talk but Janelle welcomed me into a space of kindness and healing. I became open to actually working through my problems rather than trying to convince myself that everything was ok. Before working with Janelle I could barely make it through one day without grabbing at my body and abusing myself through horrible self talk but now I am on a path to self-acceptance and can find a state of calm. Once I was able to admit to myself that I needed help, Janelle was the support that I needed to actually create change in my life and for that I will always be so grateful.”


Good Start Granola