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Hi I’m Janelle Crawford, I create sacred spaces for women to remember who they truly are so they can rise up as the fierce feminine leaders they were born to be.

Through the creation of sacred circle, women’s retreats & fierce sisterminds I invite women to return home to themselves, their power & sisterhood.

Are you, my dear Sister, ready to remember, re-wild & rise?

Morgan Rigby - Good Start Granola

“At first I was extremely hesitant to open up to someone about my insecurities and share with someone my tangled mess of negative self-talk but Janelle welcomed me into a space of kindness and healing. I became open to actually working through my problems rather than trying to convince myself that everything was ok. Before working with Janelle I could barely make it through one day without grabbing at my body and abusing myself through horrible self talk but now I am on a path to self-acceptance and can find a state of calm. Once I was able to admit to myself that I needed help, Janelle was the support that I needed to actually create change in my life and for that I will always be so grateful.”


Good Start Granola